CATMonitor is a free website for monitoring and building awareness about earthquake and flood risk among the general public. Using an interactive website, CATMonitor's goal is to enable homeowners, businesses and government agencies to visualize and contribute to the understanding and measurement of risk for their homes, businesses, government facilities and communities.

About CATMonitor

CATMonitor™ is a free, web‐based platform for risk monitoring and awareness. Incorporating a user‐friendly interface, it aims to engage a widespread audience to visualize, interact, and contribute to the understanding and measurement of risk. It includes several features for effectively visualizing hazard, exposure, and loss information (scenario events and post catastrophe). In addition, it enables users to locate addresses using an open mapping interface.

CATMonitor VERSION 1.0

CATMonitor is optimized for Google Chrome 32.0+, Mozilla Firefox 24.0+ and Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+ with a monitor resolution of 1366×768 or higher.