CATMonitor is a free website for monitoring and building awareness about earthquake and flood risk among the general public. Using an interactive website, CATMonitor's goal is to enable homeowners, businesses and government agencies to visualize and contribute to the understanding and measurement of risk for their homes, businesses, government facilities and communities.


What is CATMonitor?

CATMonitor is a free, web-based platform for catastrophe (cat) risk monitoring and awareness. Incorporating a user-friendly interface, it aims to engage a widespread audience to visualize, interact, and contribute to the understanding and measurement of risk. It includes several features for effectively visualizing hazard, exposure, and loss information before and after natural disaster events.

What are the main features of CATMonitor?

  • Online map based interface
  • Information on earthquake and flood hazards – historic and near real-time information
  • Very easy to use, interactive risk evaluation for earthquake and flood hazard for your home or business
  • In the event of a disaster, CatMonitor will function as an information dissemination portal
  • CATMonitor will deliver rich information feeds via text messages, emails and social media

Who are the potential users?

Any person with access to the internet. CatMonitor is committed to universal access to its content. It will make every possible effort to ensure that all content developed, procured, maintained, or used on the site is accessible to all end users.

What is the technology behind CATMonitor?

As a general rule, the technology components that are chosen are widely used, well supported, mostly free of licensing fees, and easy to maintain and upgrade. There is also use of social media site integration features such as Facebook registration plug-in.

What kind of data are presented on CATMonitor?

Data displayed on the CatMonitor site are from publicly available credible sites, and websites of government organizations, institutions, and private entities. Various data formats and resolution levels are supported such as spatial data (Geographic Information System or GIS data), imagery, text etc. The selection of the data layers are based on the primary criteria of whether it contributes to the Europa Re member states’ objectives in facilitating risk communication and awareness

How do I sign up for CATMonitor?

Using the easy registration page. All you need is your email address. Users can also login via their social media accounts (i.e. Facebook).

What do I get when I sign up?

You get the following tools at your disposal:

  • Earthquake and Flood risk assessment tool for understanding your home or business risk
  • Assessment of your home catastrophe insurance needs based on location, age and construction type of your property
  • Subscription to alerts in case of a disaster
  • Access to a learning tool about hazards in your area through visualization of hazard data
  • Ability to report on and learn about the safety and seismic resilience of schools and hospitals in your community which can help save lives in the future

How can I contribute to the success of CATMonitor?

One of the objectives of CATMonitor is to empower contributors to the website by allowing easy input of information related to hazard and risk management of local communities. By using various interactive tools of the website, you will be able to educate yourself, your family and friends about earthquake and flood risk in your community, as well as provide an important contribution to an open source online database on sesimic safety and resilience of public buildings such as schools and hospitals. Share your knowledge with the site and help to build a comprehensive risk assessment profile of these buildings. The results of the assessment will be used to improve the safety of these buildings in future earthquakes and save lives of people from your community.